I have worked in many industries as a designer, which has turned me into a versatile professional with relevant experience in digital products and services. In the past few years, I have focused on understanding how Design can impact the product lifecycle to maximize market fit, stickiness and customer satisfaction. Iā€™m currently part of the Product Design team at Loadsmart, a leading digital freight broker and logistics software provider based in the U.S. šŸŒˆ

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šŸŒ˜ TrajetĆ³ria

Eu sou Bacharel em Design pela UTFPR, e trabalho desde os 17 anos nas mais diversas Ć”reas, todas relacionadas a ajudar as pessoas a resolverem seus problemas e ter mais qualidade de vida. Atualmente, trabalho como Designer de Produto, ou Product Designer, inserido em squads mistos de TI e negĆ³cios. Ajudo a criar experiĆŖncias digitais que equilibram as necessidades dos usuĆ”rios com aquelas do negĆ³cio envolvido.

šŸ“” FormaĆ§Ć£o

šŸ’¼ ExperiĆŖncia Profissional

Bachelor in Design

2013 - 2018

Universidade TecnolĆ³gica Federal do ParanĆ”

Bachelor of Arts in Design


University of New South Wales - AustrƔlia

Exchange program from the Brazilian government (2 semesters)

Technical degree in Electronics

2009 - 2013

Universidade TecnolĆ³gica Federal do ParanĆ”

Product Designer

April 2022 - Present


Part of the Product Design team at Loadsmart, a digital freight broker and SaaS provider based in the US.

Product Designer

April 2021 - March 2022

Brainz Group

Solo Product Designer, responsible for the entire design process and for creating positive, consistent, and coherent experiences for customers of the Brainz Group (Big Brain + Reeducation), an ed-tech group based in Brazil that impacts hundreds of schools in the public and private systems.

Product Designer

March 2020 - April de 2021

BRQ Digital Solutions

Pesquisas com usuĆ”rios e stakeholders, concepĆ§Ć£o e estratĆ©gia de produto, arquitetura de informaĆ§Ć£o, design de interfaces (UI), prototipaĆ§Ć£o, testes de usabilidade.


B3 - Brazilian Stock Exchange (Oct 2020 - Apr 2021)

Working end to end in projects related to Insurance, Customer Support and Monitoring.

Conducting research with users and stakeholders;

Mapping experiences, user journeys and interaction flows;

Product strategy;

Low to high fidelity prototyping;

UI Design;


Usability Testing

JBS USA (May - Oct 2020): atuaĆ§Ć£o de ponta a ponta na criaĆ§Ć£o de uma Torre de Controle para a Cadeia de ProduĆ§Ć£o da companhia. Trabalho realizado em estreita colaboraĆ§Ć£o com a P.O, C-levels do cliente e time tĆ©cnico.

Nipponflex (Mar - May 2020): atuaĆ§Ć£o com foco em UI Design e Arquitetura de InformaĆ§Ć£o para a criaĆ§Ć£o de um portal de E-Commerce para representantes de vendas;

Product Designer

2019 - 2022


Working with digital products and services, from the discovery and research phases up until the execution. Articulating between the business and development teams, refining functionality and backlog, and user interface design.

Designer GrƔfico

2016 - 2019


Branding and digital marketing;

Accessibility consultant;

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